Free Poise Impressa Kit By Mail

Free Poise Impressa Kit By Mail

For a limited time we can request a free Poise Impressa Kit. It includes two bladder supports in all threeВ sizes, easy-to-follow instructions to help you quickly find your perfect fit and high valueВ coupons. Impressa Bladder Supports are soft, flexible, invisible, and incredible! They areВ designed to comfortably and discreetly help stop leaks before they happen. Impressa looks like a tampon, but it’s not. Stopping leaks starts with the ImpressaВ Sizing Kit. ImpressaВ comes in three different sizes, and the Sizing Kit helps you find your most effective and comfortable internal fit. Each kit includes six bladder supports (two of each size).

How to get this free product: Click our link below and enter your your information so they know where to sent the sizing kit to. Follow the instructions on the page and receive your free kit in three weeks!


Location: United States

Please let us know by commenting below if this giveaway is no longer active